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Edinburgh is (traffic) hell

The Edinburgh congestion charge ballot has returned a No vote. So there will be no London style congestion charges. I must confess I voted against the party line on this one and voted Yes. Although the proposals were inadequate and did not take ability to pay into account, they were a necessary first step in dealing with Edinburgh's appalling congestion and pollution problems. This city was just not designed to deal with the volume of traffic on its roads.

Turnout was high in the all-postal ballot at 61.8%. 74% voted to reject the plan.

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Just out of interest why was the SSP against congestion charging? ability of the poor to pay I suppose. Does the SSP advocate a fairer system of congestion charging?

By Blogger Ed, at 5:54 pm  

The regressive nature of the charges was one reason, the fact that a low paid nurse travelling to her work would pay the same as a Charlotte Square financier in his sports car. The SSP were arguing for an integrated public transport system, you should see more in the link in the article. My personal feeling was that despite its shortcomings it was a reform that would make a difference and be worth supporting.

By Blogger Alister, at 9:57 am  

Yeah, interesting this one. Have heard excellent reports about London. We'll soon be visiting, so will witness the transport revolution ourselves. Well at least the public version. I wouldn't drive in London to save my life, you understand. But then I wouldn't drive in the centre of Edinburgh, either. My hubby's non-party. He didn't think it looked very good, the SSP being against the congestion charges proposal. I did explain it to him, though it isn't comfortable being perceived as ' un-green '.

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