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Crumb from fantagraphics

I think I have been reading retrospectives of Robert Crumb's work for twenty years. Was there a time when he wasn't an icon? Well, it's in overdrive now, 40 years after Fritz the Cat sniffed around for the first time. In the past few days I have seen major articles on Channel 4 News, the Independent and the Guardian. Crumb will also get a film season and two books. If you have the cash go for Fantagraphics 'Complete Crumb' series, if you don't then pick up his work with Harvey Pekar on American Splendour.

Crumb likes to deal with tensions, cultural, racial, class, sexual. This get him into lots of trouble (or it used to). I particularly liked this from the Guardian yesterday:

"When they lived in California he worked for free for a leftwing newspaper who loved the idea of Crumb but couldn't cope with the actuality of his work. Often, he says, they would commission him to do a piece, then not run it for fear of offending people and finally, to add insult, they would sell the original artwork to keep the paper going."

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