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Red Pepper's Election Blues

Red Pepper's Election Blues is promising to cover the elections including the shock news that Tariq Ali is planning to vote Lib-Dem. Jesus, people have been trying to make out tactical voting to be radical since Marxism Today. From what I can see people do vote tactically in many cases anyway, usually for whoever is most likely to boot out the ones they don't like. That's why Labour and the Tories love the first past the post electoral system so much.

Vote for what you believe in, that's what I say.

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While I'm all for voting for what you believe in, I also think: "vote for whoever has the best chance of carrying out what you believe in and what they say they believe in."
A cop out? Of course it is! I have splinters all over my cheeks from sitting on fences.
But vote Lib-Dem? Tariq Ali has been a wanker since the '60s who said good things now and again. Now, it seems that he is just a wanker.
Oh, and I totally agree with you on the tactical voting front - it irritated the hell out of me in my cpbg days of the late '80s and early '90s. Equally as irritating has been that tosser Billy Bragg, who has also advocated voting Lib-Dem in recent elections on the basis of his hope of having no Tories in the London Parliament. We had a Tory MP-free Scotland at one point (do we still, by the way?) but that didn't mean our country was in any way more progressive as a result, did it?

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Nah, they got one back in, despite their vote actually going down by 2%. Which doesn't bother me that much as there is a certain number of tories in Scotland. It is a myth that there are no tories here. An interesting twist to devolution was that the tories did well under pr...a vote for them was no longer a wasted vote! FPTP doesn't suit the tories in Scotland (but they still back it).
And of course we actually have a lib-dem/labour coalition in govt up here. One or two not unimportant concessions squeezed from New Labour over tuition fees, care for the elderly and pr in local govt. But the lib-dem rank and file are in revolt as they watch their MSP's forced to vote with labour every week.

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I am reminded of my young higher history teacher, when I lived in Shetland. He was an active Labourite then(wonder if he still is?). He dismissed anti-Englishness. His point being(as he so eloquently expressed it): " I feel I would have more in common with a working class guy in Salford, though I don't know any, than I do with a Scottish Laird."
I also remember bumping into him at the Cenotaph, one Remeberance Sunday. I asked if he was sharing my thoughts on the likes of Wilfred Owen.." No!" He replied." I'm thinking of the upper class bastards who sent all those fine working class young men to fight their rotten wars for them."

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