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Not Suitable for Soldiers, Fine for our Kids

Guardian - Compass takes £24m hit

Compass are contract caterers and own Scolarest, whose delicious mechanically reconstituted meat based dishes featured so prominently in Jamie's School Dinners. But they blame their drop in profits, not on school dinners but on losing military contracts. In fact they proudly say that they have had a number of contracts renewed recently. So in other words their stuff is not good enough for the troops, but is fine to feed to our kids.
Compass spin it quite well though, saying that the problem is that the government don't provide enough money per meal. But isn't that the idea of 'best value' - that the contract goes to the company who can meet the minimum standards at the lowest price?

School meals should be brought back in-house with decent wages for staff. And they should be free and nutritious for all our kids.

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