:: Monday, July 12, 2004 ::

Fife 1 Paisley 0

Burntisland local councillor Wullie Leggatt, independent, got into a spot of bother recently.

This cheeky chappy from Paisley decided he would taunt some English visitors - who had been attending a wake - about the football.

The BBC reports

Mr Leggatt, a former lance corporal in the Argylls, said: "I was in the pub watching the game and there was a bit of banter going around.

"When (Michael) Owen scored, the England fans began cheering, but there was a stony silence from the rest of the pub.

"One of them was wearing an England top, it was like a red rag to a bull, so when Portugal equalised I went: 'Ha, Ha! F*** you! Ya f***ing beauty!'

"Then the barman turns round to me and says: 'Hey you, out!' I finished my drink and left, I didn't even get to see Portugal win."

Aye mate, they cheered when their team scored, and one of them was wearing their team colours. What is the problem? Scotland wasn't playing, why were you offended?

And to top it all

I've got plenty of English mates, they'll give me dogs' abuse for this. But I don't like them (the English) because of Culloden

It was several centuries ago mate, get over it.

Glad the Fife bar tender had more sense.

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