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SNP Leadership Watch - Enter the Blog

The battle continues, but Alex Neill is not going to be part of it.

In other news Roseanna Cunningham, contender for the SNP leadership has set up a blog. The first thing I learned from it was that I have been spelling her name wrong.

The next thing I learned from it is that she is trying to make left wing noises.

She writes:

we have tilted the party's political profile too far away from our traditional core vision of a socially just Scotland. That vision should be sharing the agenda with our economic case, but it hasn't happened over the last 5 years. Instead, we have allowed the social justice case to slip into the background and people no longer have a clear idea what it is we stand for.

Wealth creation is essential – but wealth must have a purpose. And that purpose is to ensure that we build the kind of Scotland where people do not struggle to find a home, where life expectancy does not drop to 3rd world levels, where poverty is no longer a blight on thousands of lives.

She also says she will talk more about independence.

I don't see too much different here from what Swinney used to say. What he used to do and the types of policy that the SNP ended up with was something different.

How does Roseanna or any of the other leadership contestants plan to tackle poverty and inequality whilst at the same time promoting pro-business policies. A "competitive" Scottish economy means a low-wage, low-tax Scottish economy.

But it sounds like Roseanna may have slipped a bit due to a very poor performance on Question Time.

Roseanna Cunningham, the front-runner, faced a severe setback in her campaign on BBC TV’s Question Time last Thursday. Asked to explain independence by fellow panelist Kaye Adams, she stumbled badly.

Supporters of Sturgeon have told the Sunday Herald that they are aghast that the deputy leader should let the party down by being so unprepared for a major media event, and at least one branch in the Highlands is calling for Alex Salmond to return to the leadership.

“The only point in voting for Roseanna is because she is a good media operator, and Question Time on Thursday put paid to that,” said one opposing activist.

“Everyone has good and bad performances, and Roseanna won’t regard that as one of her finest,” was the diplomatic response from the Sturgeon camp. “We’ll leave others to make their judgement on it.”

Now, I demand web-logs from Mr Russell and Gnasher Sturgeon.

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