:: Monday, June 28, 2004 ::

Get on the mic, Mike

"I think it will take five years." Winnie Ewing's timetable for Scottish independence. Time for a lie down I think Winnie. Remember "Scotland free in '93", and that at least was coined at a time of rising fortunes for the SNP and the biggest ever opinion polls in favour of independence.

Meanwhile it looks like former SNP Chief Executive Mike Russell is to stand for the leadership post. Russell is one of the sharpest operators in the SNP but seems to lack that vital political skill of getting on with the others in his own party. Mike sounded rather like Emperor Palpatine when he said of John Swinney "he's a nice guy who has always put the party first before his own interests" - translation "you're weak John, resign now". This saw him condemned by Swinney at the weekend in rather forthright terms.

You could almost say the opposite of Mike "he's not a nice guy and always puts himself before the party."

Mike couldn't win a winnable place on the SNP list for the last elections and so missed out on a seat in the parliament. So not much chance of Mike winning the leadership. Pity, it would at least be entertaining.

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