:: Monday, June 14, 2004 ::

Scottish Euro Results

Results from the BBC

5.2% for the SSP in Scotland 6.8 % for the Greens.

So no seats for either in the euro parly.

For the SSP this is an increase on our percentage at the last European election but down on our nationwide percentage at the Scottish Parliament elections. With the loss of a seat we needed around 10% of the vote to get in, never a very likely proposition.

Turnout in our strongest areas was substantially down, hitting only 10% in Pollok. I would say that our support just didn't see the relevance of voting and stayed at home. So a disappointment but not a disaster.

The big story in Scotland is the disaster for the SNP. Despite Labours woes and their anti-war position they still saw a 7.5% drop, the worst performance of any party. The men in grey kilts will definitely be coming for Mr Swinney. For his part Swinney was pinning the blame on "fringe parties". I might have thought he meant the SSP (I'm sure they lost some votes to us) but may also have meant the UKIP whose anti-European stance may have gone down well among the fishing constituency.

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