:: Tuesday, June 22, 2004 ::

Mr Swinney has left the building.

BBC NEWS | Scotland | Under-fire SNP leader to quit

Hold the front page.

Swinney has been made an offer he couldn't refuse. The men in grey kilts have popped in for a cup of tea. The 'bradford and bingley' nationalist has closed his account.

So who will replace him?
Nicola Sturgeon? Highly capable and practically runs the party anyway, but generally regarded as having a limited public appeal. An element of sexism amongst voter perception there unfortunately for Nicola.

Alex Neill? Will probably stand, but shouldn't hold his breath.

Rosanna Cunningham? The frontrunner, has moved to the right and away from her 'republican Rosanna' image. Good with media. Broad appeal despite being a treckie.

Kenny MacAskill? God help them if they select this balloon.

Mike Russell? Not an MSP and has probably got up too many people's backs. One of the party's senior thinkers though.

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