:: Wednesday, June 30, 2004 ::

Tidying Up

Today is tidying up day at perspective. Small changes being made here and there throughout the day. So that is why things might look a bit odd.

• Made the body text on posts more legible.

• Got rid of the old comments system, which only archived comments for 3 months. Switched on bloggers comments system to give it a try. Unfortunately this means comments on old posts are lost, but they would have vanished eventually anyway. Sorry if you lost your musings, nothing personal. Also comments won't work for posts older than today. But they should from this post onwards. (EDIT - they do actually)

• Switched to individual archived posts with a sensible name. As you will see if pressing permalink below.

Fascinating stuff, huh?

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Testing the new comments.

By Blogger Alister, at 12:04 pm  

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