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Inside scoop on the SNiP's

SNP Leadership Watch

Margo Macdonald, the independent voice of independence, has the inside scoop on what SNP leadership candidates are really thinking. Bit of a shocker that Alex Neill was the clear favourite to win. If this is true, and he has turned it down, then he has probably missed his best chance to take the leadership. And it is also clear that despite quitting the party leadership in mysterious circumstances Salmond still calls the shots in the party.

Edinburgh Evening News - Opinion - Margo Macdonald

PSST! Want to know why Alex Neil decided against standing in the SNP leadership contest?

He thought he had a good chance of winning. When his own soundings of opinion in the SNP were confirmed by a newspaper poll, he had to think clearly about what lay ahead, and he concluded that Alex Salmond’s refusal to work with him would have made fighting the Westminster election next year very difficult, if not impossible.

But I’ve found something intriguing in what everybody reckons is a truly dull contest. Kenny McAskill, who may or who may not have been told to forget standing as leader by Alex Salmond, wants to "park independence".

Nicola Sturgeon, who can always rely on Alex Salmond to tell her what to do, in order to win internal SNP support, has been sounding like a born-again fundamentalist and calling for "new ways to campaign for independence".

How’s that for a united ticket?

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