:: Wednesday, July 13, 2005 ::

Hiding the real story

From the justice not vengeance website The London Blasts: "Now that the police have identified at least three of the four bombers who struck London last Thursday as young British Muslim men, the question of how British Muslims could become so alienated as to carry out such a horrific attack has come to the centre of political and public attention.
In this context, it is absolutely extraordinary that the most authoritative source of information about this crisis, the joint Home Office and Foreign Office report, 'Young Muslims and Extremism', which was leaked to the Sunday Times and published with a front-page headline three days ago, has been entirely censored from today's coverage and commentary in the serious British newspapers.
Extraordinary, but predictable. The conclusions of the 'Extremism' report are politically explosive. The mass media is once again serving power, not truth - and not the security of the British people.
It is of overwhelming importance at this time of national crisis, when British Muslims are facing a massive backlash, that the anti-war movement stands by the Muslim community both physically and politically, and forces the media, local, national, and internet, to acknowledge the existence of the 'Extremism' report, and its conclusion that it is British foreign policy, not rabid preachers or medieval theology, that is driving young Muslims towards suicidal and murderous protest."

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