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G8 police accused of hiding identities - The Herald

G8 police accused of hiding identities - The Herald: "
A NUMBER of police concealed their identities during the G8 summit, perhaps to prevent complaints about their behaviour, a Scottish Socialist MSP claimed yesterday.
Chief Superintendent Stewart Carle of Strathclyde Police said at the time: "It is unacceptable that officers do not give their numbers. We are wearing fire-proof tunics today in response to violence in this area on Wednesday night. We usually have helmets on showing our numbers on the back but I will be suggesting that numbers are stitched on to tunics, as is this case with some of our English colleagues."
Yesterday, Acpos said it would consider the move for all forces in Scotland.
A spokesman said: "This was the first time that police in Scotland had worn the level one public order uniforms and numbers may be stitched on to lapels for future policing operations"

This is a complete lie, police did have numbers on their tunics, but had them covered with cloth. I was with Frances Curran MSP when she asked for one police number. The officer removed the cloth to show his number then replaced it. He wouldn't give his name or any other information however. I can provide photos of this event which I will post later. He was from West Yorkshire. If you weren't an MSP it is unlikely you would get even that. Many others have reported that they requested numbers only to be refused. MSP's and others were verbally abused by members of the Met. There is a chilling report on the Met's attempt to 'get' some protestors here.

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