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No to terror, no to war

The attacks on London today are, of course, outrages. Ordinary working people who are just trying to get to their jobs are the victims just as they were in Madrid.

The actions of the theocratic extremists will bring new waves of repressive legislation. I have seen this in action in Scotland this week with our streets occupied by countless police. Yesterday I tried and eventually succeeded in getting to a legal demonstration at Gleneagles having been told it was cancelled by the police. My bus was held at a remote spot with other buses while we negotiated furiously for the right to proceed to our destination. Hundreds of others were banned from travelling at all and were forced off coaches in Edinburgh. When I got there I watched in astonishment as US military helicopters landed in a field to drop off British riot police. On Monday I saw my home city occupied by police wielding 'section 60' orders giving them the power to stop, search, photograph, video and arrest anyone they felt like if they thought they might be involved in a crime at some time in the future. This is the Orwellian situation we are in which will only get worse now.

Bush is saying now that this will increase his resolve in the 'war on terror'. Again it will be working people and the poor around the world who will suffer at the hands of Bush and the hands of the small group of religious extremists of al-Qaeda.

Our response can only be to come together in solidarity in London and throughout the world to say no to terror and no to war.


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