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Did ye see him as he came down by Gorgie?

The other day there was a programme on Radio Scotland which looked into Bob Dylan's claim that he based the tune of 'Blowin' in the Wind' on an old Scots folk tune. The investigators came up with the conclusion that he probably meant 'The 51st Highland Division's Farewell To Sicily' by Hamish Henderson, itself based on an earlier pipe tune 'Farewell to the Creeks'.

I subsequently received a very interesting email today from a book-seller who appears to have purchased the library of the late Hamish Henderson.

"We are pleased to send you catalogue No. 14. from the personal library of the late Dr Hamish Henderson of the School of Studies in Edinburgh.
Poet, songwriter, folklorist, soldier and political activist, Hamish was widely regarded as the father of the Scottish folk-song revival and his interests are reflected in the books he acquired."

It would appear to contain some irreplaceable texts such as:
"55. MacLean, Norman and Henderson, Hamish: Script profile. Tinker-Roads. 24/8/94. 1st Draft. 1994. 'The programme will document a road journey by Norman MacLean from Perth, north to the Kyle of Tongue. This journey retraces one Norman MacLean made in 1957 with the folklorist Hamish Henderson. The aim then was to discover and record the rich oral traditions of the Sutherland Travelling People, The Summer Walkers. The aim today is to check what remains of this culture and in particular to document traditional routes and camping sites before they disappear or are forgotten.' 4to. 14pp. Typewritten manuscript. Printed on one side only. VG. £16.00"

This isn't online anywhere but either contact myself or the booksellers Gordon & Carmen Wright of Edinburgh for the catalogue. Oh yes, my birthday is coming up soon by the way.

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