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B for Belmarsh

v for vendetta

A nightmarish world where the government install cameras on every street to monitor the citizens. Identity papers must be carried at all times. Any citizen can be detained indefinitely without trial by the government. How far fetched.

Alan Moore's V for Vendetta portrayed one insane gay anarchist terrorist's response to a dystopian fascist society with certain resemblances to Thatcher's Britain. Christ knows what Hollywood are going to do with it though. One website is reporting it is set in a world where Germany won WW2, whereas in the original fascism was imposed in an internal coup following a nuclear war, which puts a completely different slant on it. Sections of the British ruling class have contemplated a military coup from time to time. Other websites report the original plot will be used.

The opening scene is the fawksian demolition of the houses of parliament with high explosives by V. Guess they're aiming at the blue states.

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I have mixed feelings - I want to see this made as a movie but at the same time fear they will destroy one of the best graphic novels ever. I once had a colleague who disdained 'comics' and modern literature equally, preferring 19th century Russian political writers. I gave him V for Vendetta and lo he was man enough to admit that some comics were indeed bloody clever bits of writing...

By Blogger Joe, at 11:28 pm  

Well if you see what they did to From Hell and the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen the signs don't look good. That said, V is a simpler tale and maybe less room to fuck it up. We'll see.

By Blogger Alister, at 10:46 am  

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