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Who's Sorry Now?

Sorry Day: "Belfast City Council has demanded that the cultural newspaper The Vacuum apologises to 'the citizens of the City' and 'Members of the Council' for 'any offence which may have been caused by previous publications'. This is a blatant attempt to stifle freedom of expression. Come and join in with our 'Sorry' events to show what you think of censorship."

Expect more of this if the blasphemy legislation is passed.

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This is dynamite material - thanks for bringing to my (and, hopefully, others) attention.
I do believe that any laws which give any further powers to religious groups to be utterly bonkers.
While I'm on this one, and you'll probably denounce me for being sectarian here, but I merely ask the question, you do know that the SWP leadership is currently telling the "comrades" that they must drop any comments about secularism for fear of upsetting some of their new-found religious mates? The terms "liberal" "opportunist" "anti-materialist" and "hypocrites" come to mind, don't you think?

By Blogger Reidski, at 10:40 pm  

It's a classic debate really. I have no problem with a law that sets out to stop racists and religious ethnic cleansers using outrageous lies about other religions. And I'm not against ALL censorship. But religion has always been a legitimate target for criticism as well.

As for the SWP, I don't know. What is your source for that information?

By Blogger Alister, at 9:53 am  

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