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Red Blogs and the Blue Brazil

Title stolen from the brilliant book 'Black Diamonds and the Blue Brazil' by Ronald Ferguson which is about the town of Cowdenbeath during the miners strike, following the fortunes of the striking miners and the local football team Cowdenbeath FC. Despite being a supporter of their arch-rivals Dunfermline Athletic (the 'townies', although this is a bit like saying Andorra is the arch-rival of Spain) this is a great book, read it if you can find a copy anywhere (link goes to Word Power books in Edinburgh who have it.)

Anyway the reason I mention this is to list a few new blogs starting with Kircaldy and Cowdenbeath Votes by the prolific doctorvee, a Gordon Brown monitoring blog.

Secondly we have Joe Middleton's Republican SNP Weblog. Well, maybe he should change the description as the SNP have just turfed him out. No room for Republican socialists in that party. They also proscribed the Scottish Republican Socialist Movement for good measure.

Speaking of nats, there is also Independence, by Stuart Dickson. I wondered when there would be a decent SNP blog, well now there is. He seems to have missed me in his list of Scottish political blogs, what an oversight!

Finally and perhaps most interestingly of all we have Alan McCombes: For Socialism & Independence. I haven't commented on the SSP conveners election yet. To call it a leadership contest is taboo in the party, partly because the convener actually has no actual powers beyond being a 'public face' of the party. This is of course actually a very big power, and can effectively decide how the party reacts to issues on a day to day basis. Alan's rival is Lothians MSP Colin Fox (see the SCRAP campaign for his current prescription charges bill). I have worked closely with both Alan and Colin over the years and know them both well. They both have strengths and weaknesses like any other politician.

So I don't know how I'm going to vote. I will say that I was surprised by the Sunday Herald's description of Colin as the clear favourite. I would have placed Alan as the favourite, jeez miss a couple of meetings and you get completely out of touch.

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Thanks for the review. Sorry for missing you out of my list of links to Scottish political blogs - I will remedy omission in a minute.

Independence blog only began on 17 Jan, but I hope you agree that I have the most comprehensive list of Scot pol blogs on the net, even in that short time. But it can never be 100% bang up to date. I'll try my best though.

Non-nats are very welcome, even if just to use my links section.

I don't think doctorvee has decided yet which blog to use to monitor Brown during election - but last I heard he was keen on the project. Currently the poor lad is all out of bandwidth - a tad too prolific.

If you want a laugh, check out the Sunday Herald's "blog". Oh dear.

By Blogger Stuart Dickson, at 8:33 pm  

I love your blog.

Glad to see you mention Ron Ferguson's book.


By Blogger aangirfan, at 7:08 am  

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