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G8 to Boost Police Overtime

As the BBC reports, a ring of steel will be placed around holyrood palace and the Scottish Parliament in July when the G8 summit comes to visit. Actually the summit will be in Gleneagles - an amazingly posh hotel - but presumably the authorities think we are too lazy to go all the way there to cause trouble.

The European Social Forum's 'Call of the Assembly of Social Movements' commits organisations to come to Scotland to protest the G8, but it will be interesting to see just how many people actually make the trip. From England I would expect quite a few but from further afield I think we are talking about token delegations. This is doubtless part of the reason the summit is being held here. So European friends, prove me wrong.

The G8 Alternatives has been set up to coordinate opposition. It plans a number of events to protest the G8, none of which involves Bono or Bill Gates. There will also be an anti-poverty demo in Edinburgh on sunday 2nd July organised by NGO's around the Make Poverty History campaign.

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