:: Tuesday, February 11, 2003 ::

Anti-War Fever

no war graffiti

There is a massive buzz about the demos in Glasgow and London on Saturday. The Scottish edition of the mirror today featured a lead piece on it and announced that they would be printing placards for demonstrators to carry. Meanwhile the London demo will now be graced with the likes of Charles Kennedy and Mo Mowlem and the newspapers have fashion features about what to wear to the demo! The BBC have had to issue guidelines to its journalists instructing them who can and can't attend the demo (to protest rather than work)

In Edinburgh the problem might be finding a bus or train that is not full to take you to Glasgow. Edinburgh Central SSP branch have been busy for the past two nights making banners and flags for the demo. So look out for our custom flags on TV on Saturday. Our nifty John Maclean special (below) is a limited edition.

SSP John Maclean flags

The SSP stands in the tradition of Maclean opposing imperialist war. On that note Tommy Sheridan faces jail again for opposing the illegal madness of nuclear weapons at Faslane.

Finally top trade-union leaders have warned that strike action against the war is a possibility, and for the first time there is serious talk about replacing Blair as Labour leader before the next election.

Interesting Times.

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