:: Wednesday, February 05, 2003 ::

Tony Benn interviews Saddam

To the fury of war-mongers and rightist bloggers everywhere, highly respected veteran socialist Tony Benn visited Iraq (on his own money) to interview Saddam. The full transcript can be found at the link above. Meanwhile the BBC have a leaked UK government report which indicates there is no link between al-Qaeda and Iraq.

Iraq. It is not a war about oil. It is worse.

or "Liberals, Realists and "Bush the Liberator"

"What has to be understood with all its implications is that this new Bush in the White House and the section of US capitalism that he represents have a much different world view today. US capitalism is increasingly coming to see the world in a much more ambitious manner. US capitalism believes that there is no force in the world that can stand in its way. And increasing sections are now concluding that this is the time for it to step out and consolidate its victory over stalinism, to enforce its will on its other Imperialist rivals, to increase its exploitation of the former colonial countries and to take back all the concessions it was forced to make to its own working class and the working class internationally. In other words to rule the world to an extent it never did before and to an extent never done by any other power before. This is the thinking that now controls the White House."

The extract above is from an article from a US socialist, from this website

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