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An Iraqi refugee in Norway, Former nuclear scientist, 52 year old Jamil Aziz Slewa, says that Powells recording of two Iraqi officers discussing the movement of weapons is probably pre 1998, if it is not false.

Slewa came as a refugee 4 years ago and works as a serviceman for x-ray equipment at the central Hospital of Rogaland.

In 1998 he was interwued by UN weapon inspectors for 3 days in Stavanger.

Slewa confirms that before the Gulf War, Iraq was in the process of producing a Hiroshima-size nuclea bomb. The Gulf War led to the destruction of this program. Up to then the Iraqis had help from both the US, France, Germany and the UK, who supported Iraq in its war against Iran.

Iraq wanted a nuclear bomb because Israel had one.

- The cat-and-mouse play that Powell described in the UN security council was only going on during the first years after the war. At that time Saddam believed that the situation would soon normalize, says Slewa.

Slewa claims that Iraq's nuclear program was buried in 1995, and has not been restarted since.

Source: Stavanger Aftenblad, a big, highly respected serious center-right paper in Stavanger.

Quoted in the internet paper NETTAVISEN www.nettavisen.no owned by the no 2 norwegian (private) TV channel TV2

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