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Where is Raed ?

An Iraqi blog. And I am the 435th person to link to it apparently. Some interesting points for those naïve commentators who think that this war is about bringing freedom and democracy to Iraq. What it is about is American hegemony over the world, military, social and political. They've got Blair, now they're coming for the rest of us.

"I am not taking any of that “the great liberators – help others to be free” talk because I do not believe there is such a thing in politics called altruism, there are no free lunches and no one does *anything* without some personal motives. So if your government is going to go to war it is not because they are “helping others to be free” it’s because a hundred other reasons and this one just happens to be a nice one to throw to the public. And no, I will not say it’s the oil, because it is not only oil, although it is a nice little extra thrown in."

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