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Emmy the Great

Emmy the Great, originally uploaded by alister.

Emmy the Great Live at Edinburgh Cabaret Voltaire, 16th February 2009. A rising star for 2009 we are told, Emmy the Great play acoustic folky tunes with rather angsty lyrics. Check out the myspace link above to hear some examples. Cabaret Voltaire was certainly busy for a Monday night. I get the feeling that this artist will be a bit better in a few years time with more experience and perhaps less teenagey lyrics, although I liked the song about New Kids on The Block :

"My head hurts
I wish I'd never woke up
I feel worse
than when S Club 7 broke up
I hate the day
It hates me
So does everybody else".

Although the audience enjoyed the gig they weren't blown away and the lack of an encore was telling.

P.S I did like the anecdote about playing Leith FM and thinking it was called Life FM and was a Christian rock station


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