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John Martyn RIP

A lot of people have been hit hard by this one. Just sixty years old a tremendous loss.

John Martyn

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John Martyn's dead? What a bummer. When did that happen? There's a right few good folks here (Goa) gonna be well pissed of when i tell them about that one.

By Blogger naldo, at 8:50 am  

Last week unfortunately. Wish I was in Goa instead of this blizzardscape.

By Blogger Alister, at 10:12 am  

Aye, pish as that news bout JM is, it gave us an excuse to play a load of his tunes yeserday. Bit of a melancholy afternoon despite the lack of snow and abundance of sunshine.

There's a wee live music gig on tonight, my pal Leigh and some chums. Leigh's well into his John Martyn so i'm expectin a couple o his numbers in the set.

Don't let the snow drag you down, Alister. It's gonna be a long hot summer startin when i get back at the end o March.

By Blogger naldo, at 6:28 am  

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