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Big John, Littlejohn

Someone has been playful with the reviews of right-wing columnist Richard Littlejohn's book on Amazon.

"After reading this book, I decided to put two fingers up to the evil siamese twins of political correctness and Health and Safety by racially abusing a Nigerian immagrant WITHOUT wearing the regulation safety goggles as ordered by EU working-time directive EE38. He then congratulated me for doing so as he realised that by JUST being a Nigerian, he shared collective responsibilty for his scam-email sending fellow countrymen and probably anything else evil that any black people have done ever. Naturally he didn't try and ascribe responsibilty to me for any evil things white men have done because a) there are none and b) it doesn't count for white people anyway. He then gave me his job and deported himself."

Richard Littlejohn has, in just 320 pages, done what took Hitler over 600!"

"This book, which contains hundreds, possibly thousands of words"

"One is reminded of Orwell, who once said "Every book is a failure." Well Orwell was clearly a fool and had not stumbled upon 'Littlejon's Britain' whilst browsing on Amazon, for no educated man could dare claim this seminal piece of literature a failure. If, as H.G. Wells assures us, that "Good books are the warehouses of ideas" then this book is a vast chasm of a warehouse, overflowing with such a smorgasbord of enlightened ideas that may liberate us from the shackles of contemporary liberal Britain. Oh how i feel complete having read this book, now i truly understand the meaning of Bernard Shaw's musing, "Only in books has mankind known perfect truth, love and beauty." LittleJohn i am indebted to you. hurrah"

There are 75 of these, all hilarious.


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