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The Funeral of Allende, Santiago, 89

I've blogged his stuff before, but this is a must see. Marcelo Montecino's pictures of the reburial of Allende in 1989 are powerful and moving.

Salvador Allende was the democratically elected socialist President of Chile. He died in the Presidential Palace in Santiago as Air Force jets bombed it. I visited this site last year. Now it is a working government office again, although bullet holes can still be seen in the walls.

After lying for 16 years in a friend's unmarked tomb, Allende was given a State Funeral by the new democratic government.

Despite the recent and very welcome renewal of legal proceedings against the dictator Pinochet, Chile as a society hasn't really got over the dictatorship and won't until it dumps the rotten constitution imposed by Pinochet.

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It seems Chile will elect a female socialist president.

By Blogger Renegade Eye, at 7:49 am  

They just have!

By Blogger Reidski, at 10:18 pm  

They have indeed. I think though, that it is fair to say that she is closer to the politics of Blair than Lula, never mind Chavez. Chile is a country that still has huge inequalities. I vividly remember shopping in a cheap supermarket, It was new years eve and very busy. I was the only non-indigenous person in there. Very often came across houses full of people with no electricity etc. The left coalition, the concertaciĆ³n, has been in power for a while and done very little. Those in the CP-led coalition were very cynical about them and in particular their reluctance to challenge the Pinochet constitution.

By Blogger Alister, at 2:09 pm  

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