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A Rare Victory!

BBC NEWS | Scotland | Residents reject housing transfer Edinburgh tenants have become the first in Scotland to reject housing transfer. Despite threats and bribes from the council and being repeatedly told there was no alternative. These tenants have made clear that well-funded publically owned social housing is the way forward, not the transfer of those resources out of democratically accountable public hands.

Housing is a key issue in Edinburgh, thousands cannot afford to buy houses. Rising house prices mean that deposits take years to save up for first time buyers who are on average wages and don't have families willing to help out (ie most of us). Yet there is not the necessary investment in public housing to deal with that. Many are thrown to the mercies of private landlords, there has been a huge boom in "buying to let". And most of us who have had private landlords know what a pain they can be, not to mention the extortionate rent charged.

The ball is now in the council's court. They have spent enormous sums of money on promoting this neo-liberal project only to be defeated by a tenacious but seriously under-resourced (believe me) campaign from tenants. They should demand the dropping of the housing debt and start a huge campaign for investment in social housing.

More at SSP News.

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Most of the opinions on the housing transfer proposals I've heard have boiled down to:
(a) Don't care.
(b) Content with the current setup.
(c) The renovated 'show houses' were badly done with more attention paid to appearance than actual improvements.
The 'no' campaign was practically invisible and I seriously doubt they had any real impact on the result despite their bubbly squirting antics on the news. The council did it to themselves.

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