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Cameo Future Uncertain

Cinema chiefs announce a pub U-turn: "THE owners of the Cameo have staged a dramatic U-turn after plans to turn it into a pub and restaurant sparked a storm of protest.

Bosses of the Tollcross cinema have contacted leaders of the Save the Cameo campaign to say they are going to withdraw their planning application in the face of growing opposition.

The message was read out at a packed public meeting held last night to drum up support for the campaign to preserve Edinburgh's oldest independent cinema.

But Cameo owner City Screen said that, although it had instructed its architect to withdraw the application, it would still sell up.

More than 250 protesters crammed into the Central Methodist Hall to join MSPs, councillors and cinema experts in discussing how to save the 92-year-old building.

The head of the Film Festival and Filmhouse confirmed they would be willing to run the Cameo if a buyer could be found.

But city culture leader Ricky Henderson warned that the council did not have funds available to save the Cameo."

So it seems that there has been a massive public response in opposition to the plans to sell and/or turn most of the Cameo Cinema into a bar. The local MSP Sarah Boyack reports 1328 letters on the subject (hope she replies to them, she never replied to any I ever sent her.) Most people seem to feel the same way as I do, the Lothian Road stag and hen trail should not be extended any further into Tollcross. The opportunity now exists for the Cameo to be bought by the council and run by the Film Festival. Nationalise the cameo under democratic workers control and management!

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