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SAVE THE CAMEO is one campaign well worth signing up for. By popular acclaim the best cinema in Edinburgh and one of the last independents it faces transformation into another bar. I used to live above the Cameo and believe me that Tollcross needs a cinema more than it needs new bars. I used to see a fight at least once a week as bold binge drinkers weaved there way home and that was before Edinburgh became a big stag night destination. Already the Lothian Road "stag and hen" zone is spreading out. Time to draw a line in the sand.

Ken Loach is among those who have spoken up for the Cameo. Join them now.

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pffff. That's all Tollcross needs. Another bar. One's tempted to think it's just dumb planning, but as usual we'd probably be closer to the truth if we just followed the money. Urban environment? Local culture? Who cares about that? Let's create a Vibrant Destination and clean up the vomit later.

Petition signed and objection lodged.

BTW, you might consider allowing anonymous comments or something. It took me over 20 minutes to log this one, digging out old blogger passwords.

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Hi sorry about the commenting hassles, but I was getting deluged in spam and had to do something. Although some spammers still get through somehow.

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