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Red Scotland?

The Scotsman has an opinion column from George Kerevan today which is essentially a review of Gregor Gall's new book 'The Political Economy of Scotland: Red Scotland? Radical Scotland? '. Gregor analyses the degree of union membership, militancy and influence in Scotland as compared to England and Wales. He concludes that, yes, these traditions have retained their strength here in a way that compares favourably with our neighbours.

Worth a read certainly. George quite likes it too and praises the left for taking the study of unions more seriously than the right. But George, a former trotskyist turned neo-liberal adviser to the SNP, see's it as a warning and a challenge to take on union 'power' in Scotland. Don't worry George, I'm sure New Labour and your SNP pals will be on to it soon.

Sorry, the abysmal filler-filled Scotsman makes you pay to read this online.

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