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Get yr web 2.0 on

Well the tendency of capitalism towards monopolisation has not abated and so the excellent services of del.icio.us and flickr not to mention blogger itself have been bought up by yahoo and google. These two seem to be shaping up as the "on the ball" companies as regards web 2.0.

The interactive web revolution is taking off regardless. I found, via del.icio.us a great little tool which is a firefox extension which shows blog comments about whatever page you are on. Hours of fun and time-wasting.

Via which I found this nice blog.

greengalloway: "From anarcho goth punk to the Heart of Darkness in the SouthernUplands via the fetishisation of consumer culture, postmodern chaos magick, psychogeography and imagined history - everything is true and nothing is permitted here... are we bored or are we just boring?"

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The internet is the most revolutionary invention since the printing press.


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