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Down Under Debates

There is an interesting discussion in the Green Left Weekly this week about the way forward for the Socialist Alliance in Australia, a party that has sought to pursue a left-unity strategy similar to that of the SSP in Scotland.

It has been a genuine attempt to move away from the political culture of a plethora of sectarian left groups competing against each other. Some, specifically the split-beset affiliate of the British SWP, the ISO are calling for a new orientation. They want to see, instead of a united party, an electoral front of the groups of the left. In other words a political culture of a plethora of sectarian left groups not competing against each other. Others, led by the largest group, Democratic Socialist Perspectives, see the SSP as more of a model.

I think one of the problems in their debate is the attempt to look for models, usually in Europe. I visited Australia a couple of years ago and spoke at Socialist Alliance meetings. But what was clear to me was that there was a different political context in Australia. A Green Party with a strong electoral support was one problem.

Read the GLW debate:
David Glanz (ISO)
Peter Boyle (DSP)
Louise Walker
Alex Miller

So also the Socialist Alliance Unity Network blogspot.

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