:: Thursday, May 26, 2005 ::

Nationalisation or Death

bolivia.indymedia.org | "¡Nacionalización o muerte!" gritan los movimientos sociales

Well it's a grittier slogan than 'nationalise the top 200 monopolies under democratic workers control and management'. Bolivian landless movement activists and workers are showing the world how to really stand up to globalisation. The type of corporate globalisation that means your natural resources are stolen from you by multinational companies and sold back to you for a profit. The type that take all the surplus value they can for a rich elite whilst the huge majority have virtually no health care and education. Yeah, we will hear a lot about getting rid of third world debt at the G8, but what we will not hear is that aid packages and debt reduction schemes will all come with the kind of strings that force poor countries to sell their precious natural resources to western predators.

More from Ted Grant and pals.

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