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Capitalism expects no trouble in Scotland

Saw an interesting headline this morning, 'police expect no trouble at the G8'. Of course this was in the local free sheet the Herald and Post. Funny how the dailies aren't so interested in that. No doubt there will be a few editors ordering their cub reporters to don balaclavas and get that "mad anarchist" story one way or another. The Black Bloc sponsored by the Daily Mail (yeah I know Black Bloc is a tactic not an organisation.)

Meanwhile the story about how the G8 will really affect Scotland can be found below. The neo-liberal policies of the G8 are being enthusiastically followed by ALL the establishment parties in Scotland. That includes of course the SNP. Yeah, they are all in favour of ending poverty in Africa, they have no responsibility for it and no power to do it. More useful to watch the policies they follow where they do have power.

Corporate Watch: News: "That the G8 is coming to Scotland is particularly significant. This is not only because the free market ideology that underpins the G8 was born in the 18th century philosophical movement known as the 'Scottish Enlightenment', but also because Scotland is a very good example of corporate-led globalisation in microcosm. The Scottish Executive has made it explicit that it wants to use the G8 to 'showcase' Scottish enterprise. What the Scottish Executive is unlikely to be 'showcasing' is the erosion of democracy these companies are causing, and the social and environmental damage they are responsible for both in Scotland and worldwide. It certainly won't be highlighting that the 6th July, the start date of the Gleneagles G8 Summit, is the anniversary of the Piper Alpha disaster, a clear example of corporate negligence that resulted in the loss of 167 Scottish lives."

The site has a good analysis of the effects of globalisation on Scotland's economy and society.

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