:: Monday, May 16, 2005 ::

Beautiful Sunday

dunfermline abbey And with one mighty leap they were free! The transformation to Dunfermline Athletic's fortunes has been profound since the return of Pars hero Jim Leishman as caretaker manager. After a season of draws and losses against poor quality opposition (so much for the advantage of our artificial turf), one 'band of brothers' speech from Jim results in a 5-0 victory over Dundee. And now we have a thrilling last minute goal against Dundee United to secure our place in the top division. From the official Pars website report more on the Leishman method: "Earlier in the week Leishman had spelt out to his squad what Performance was all about. P was not for Performance, Passion or Pride but for Personality. O was for Optimal Productivity. Well as long as it comes in the last two minutes who cares?. As the United choir sang before the kick off it was a "beautiful Sunday". And now we can look forward to being gubbed by the old firm several times a season. Hooray.

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