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Teenage Fanclub

Teenage Fanclub, originally uploaded by alister.

Live at Edinburgh Liquid Rooms, Friday 27th May 2005

The Fannies never dissappoint. Well maybe they do, but not this time. When you have albums of the quality of Grand Prix and Songs from Northern Britain, well you can't go far wrong. When two of your favourite songs are the first two songs played, well you can't complain really.

Teenage Fanclub

Setlist courtesy of TFC message board at the link above.

God Knows Its True
Speed of Light
It's All In My Mind
What You Do To Me
About You
Fallen Leaves
The World Will Be OK
Slow Fade
I Need Direction
Start Again
Don't hide
Ain't That Enough
I Don't Want Control Of You
Sparky's Dream
Neil Jung
Please Stay
Your Love Is The Place
Going Places
The Concept

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