:: Thursday, April 22, 2004 ::

Mair Bloggers

Justic a well-written left-leaning blog from somewhere in Scotland. Excellent taste in music too (minor threat, auteurs...)
Ninety Minute Nationalist takes his/her title from Jim Sillars famous quote after he lost the Govan parliamentary seat, that the Scots were "90 minute nationalists", ie they were only patriotic when their football team was playing. NMN is "for socialism not nationalism" and critiques some of the debate on the Scottish national question I have been involved in. Seems to be of the AWL persuasion.
If There is Hope is a Canadian socialist blog, with some good analysis. Writer appears to be in the Canadian IS, I can't remember if they are still with the British SWP or if they went the way of the US organisation, the former I think.
World of Jack is a Scottish political blog of no particular persuasion, but seems not to have been updated for a couple of months.

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