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Help Diego Olivares

A few days ago I mentioned the organisation of the "mothers of the disappeared" in Argentina. Argentina saw one of the bloodiest military regimes in Latin America. Thousands were killed and tortured. One favoured technique was to throw live prisoners from airplanes over the sea or rivers. Some children of those "disappeared" by the military dictatorship in Argentina were fostered out for adoption.

Now via Clandestina's blog I hear about a story of an Argentinia searching for his brother who was one of those fostered out.

the parents of Diego, Juan Olivares and Julieta Alzugaray – respectively 25 and 23 years old the day of their disappearance - are some of the “desaparecidos”, as they are called, disappeared, assassinated, exiled by the Argentinean dictatorship at the end of the Seventies and the beginning of the Eighties. Today Diego researchs his brother, adopted following the disappearance of his parents. But, in spite of the assistance of several associations, he doesn’t find anything. It would seem that he was adopted by a French couple – from here the idea of Paterna to contact me – and would have the name of Alexis Frenette. The idea of Diego is to contact a maximum of people thanks to Internet to make known his history and that his brother or somebody knowing him, enter in contact with him, and that, finally, he knows his brother that he never see for all this years. So, it’s to us, now to help him by contacting the greatest number of persons by mails, by publishing this story in our Blogs or the medias if we have this possibility, by speaking about this story everywhere... and to help two brothers to enter in contact...

Hopefully someone will be googling for this name one day. You can help by mentioning this story in your blog.

The Original Appeal

Proyecto Desaparecidos

Asociación Madres de Plaza de Mayo

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