:: Friday, March 26, 2004 ::

In A Hole

Funniest story of the week has to be the exploits of the Combined Services Caving Association in Mexico. This group made up of various wings of the British armed forces went to map and explore a cave complex in Mexico. The cave flooded and they got stuck. Not a big crisis, they were experienced and has supplies and radio contact with the outside world.

But they still needed rescued. And the odd thing is that they refused to allow local authorities to do so, instead getting two specialists from Britain flown in. Asked about this on Channel 4 News a spokesman said that they didn't know if local divers would have the right experience and also the cavers "didn't speak Mexican"! Uhh, I think he means Spanish deadpanned the presenter.

Turns out they were there without having told the Mexican authorities and were on tourist visas. The Mexican government was understandably concerned about why a group of British armed forces specialists were in the country without permission and were so shy of attention to the point of not wanting to be rescued by Mexicans. Two Mexican divers actually reached the men, and they still didn't want rescued.

Reports on the CSCA website didn't do much to allay suspicions. "Some members of the team are trapped inside the cave but are safe and well (probably fed up playing "I spy" by now!)." That's honestly what it says.

They are out now and answering questions from the immigration authorities.

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