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Belle End?

Call girl blogger Belle de Jour has been a big hit since winning the Guardian 'best written' blog award. Now the Times claims to have outed her as do several weblogs. Is she author Sarah Champion? Is she someone else? Could she really be for real (least likely option at the moment.) Don't be left out. You too can confess to being BdJ! I liked this entry the best:

Greetings and felicitations i am sorry indeed for making your acquaiantence in this way but your esteemed details were given to me by a colleague in the Nigerian Department of Works (Lagos). I am Belle de Jour and I was forced to flee my country of Liberia when a coup brought down the government of my good friend MR CHARLES TAYLOR. When I left he gave into my safe keeping a douche bag containing the sum of $100,000,000.00 (ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS) which I am seeking your respected help to move into your country, in return for which I will give you 30%. Until this money is moved into your country I am forced to assume the position of callgirl untill my assets is unfrozen. I thank you and look forward to a successful business relationship with you. I am confident, we will both benefit from the hard work I am now engaged in. I trust that you will enjoy and benefit from this opportunity to work with me.I respectfulkly remain respectfully yours,yours respectfully, BELLE DE JOUR (Mrs)
Posted by "Jello de Boer (Ms)"

Perspective note: prostitution is not funny.

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