:: Friday, March 12, 2004 ::


I'm sure the horror and revulsion that I felt watching the pictures from Madrid is shared by you all. Obviously I don't know who was to blame but either way it's depressing stuff. ETA have no popular mandate for their armed campaign and support for parties linked to them slumped when they broke their ceasefire. At the same time the Spanish State have rejected a political solution to the national question in Euskadi and increased repressive measures. Ironically the main beneficiary of this barbaric and anti-human act could be the Popular Party government who support bombs and violence as long as it is in Iraq.

If its the clerical fascists of al-Qaeda, then it means more fear, more racism, more support for repressive measures.

For now, I just hope my friends in Madrid are ok and send solidarity to the families of those murdered whilst on their way to work. Peace.

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