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French left get it together

Cartoon in Le Monde

Above: Cartoon on the front page of Le Monde shows babyfaced postie and LCR Presidential candidate Olivier Besancenot and Arlette 'the starlet' Laguiller of Lutte Ouvrière placing a wreath on the grave of the 'plural left'.

I attended the conference of the Ligue Communiste Révolutionnaire in Paris at the weekend. The conference took a number of important decisions including running a joint slate with the other large Trotskyist group Lutte Ouvrière (LO) for the regional and European elections next year. But further to this it also agreed to appeal for the launch of a new party which would bring together all the anti-capitalist forces in France. Read the appeal.

LCR conference

Polls in Sunday's 'Journal de Dimanche' showed substantial potential backing for the joint slate. The FT reported "An opinion poll published yesterday in Journal de Dimanche showed 22 per cent were ready to consider voting for the first time for the hard left next year. This was in addition to 9 per cent who said they had already cast such a vote and would do so again."

A joint party in France would have enormous potential. Although LO are likely to refuse such an appeal, the LCR would be correct to proceed anyway. This was the strategy that led to the creation of the SSP, with other forces who initially opposed the creation of the party, eventually having little choice but to climb on board.

What was the conference like? They do a good lunch but the meetings go past midnight, so you need it.

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