:: Monday, October 27, 2003 ::

In the land of Norway where the shadows lie

Norwegian death metal nutter and church burning murderer Varg Vikernes recently tried to skip jail, hijacking a car whilst allowed out on leave from jail.

Vikernes used to call himself Count Grishnáckh (and is commonly referred to as "the count" in Norway, well there is one letter too many in there really.) His Black Metal band was called Burzum, which as this site explains comes from Tolkien's baddies in some obscure book he wrote and is "the Black Speech word for "darkness", taken from the inscription on the Ring: ...agh burzum-ishi krimpatul, 'and in the darkness bind them'. "

So I guess he was on his way to join the queue for the Norwegian premiere of Return of the King. 144 hardy souls have been camping out for three weeks already for the film which opens in December. December in Oslo, sounds pleasant.

Norways Aftenposten paper reports "As night fell a nearby elf raised his sword in the air and vowed that he and his descendants would hold this ground until the world ends. Other members of the camp shuffled off to a nearby gas station to take advantage of the heated steps there. "Get a life," shout various passersby"

Viggo Mortensen

Meanwhile Viggo 'Aragorn' Mortensen turned out to support the 100, 000 strong Washington DC demo against the occupation of Iraq.

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