:: Tuesday, October 14, 2003 ::

Party for your right to fight

Heard some cool news about an upcoming gig. Playing (where else?) the Liquid Rooms in Edinburgh, Public Enemy. I notice that they have had a new video censored by MTV, wonder if their visit is to coincide with the upcoming MTV Europe awards that are colonising Leith soon?

The corporate music outfit will be coming to Edinburgh for the awards that will be staged in a specially-built arena, which will be torn down following the awards. The event will surely provide huge publicity for Edinburgh and some money for the sparks and chipies putting up the arena, as well as the techies working on the day. Cultural activists like Tam Dean Burn argued that the event will have little to do with Edinburgh folk. There will be no tickets for sale in Edinburgh, most will go to the corporate sponsors of the event.

Interestingly the council, stung by the criticism, announced video feeds to Princes St. Gardens, and access to rehearsals for local school kids.

The council have invested £70,000 in the event, which they will surely recoup. Local activists of the Edinburgh People's Festival have called for the same level of funding to be provided every year to help local musicians, maybe with a special concert or funding for studio time.

And will I be going to the PE gig? It'd take a nation of millions to hold me back (if there are any tickets left!)

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