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Remember the Plot to Discredit Arthur Scargill

"During the 1984-5 miners' strike, MI5 was involved in a covert plot to discredit NUM president Arthur Scargill. Scargill first became a target for the security services after he masterminded the closure of the Saltley coke depot through mass picketing, during the 1972 miners strike. He was one of the most prominent symbols of militant class trade unionism in the country and was a feared and hated target of the right.

At the start of the 1984-85 strike, Margaret Thatcher personally authorised MI5 to set up a "Get Scargill" operation, aimed at destroying the NUM leader "politically and personally". The phone tapping operation against the NUM during the strike was the most ambitious ever mounted by MI5. With the help of GCHQ, the NUM headquarters in Sheffield and the offices and homes of branch officials were bugged. Transcripts from these taps were sent to the National Reporting Centre at New Scotland Yard, which was responsible for deploying police officers in the coalfields, and to MI5's F2 Branch. MI5 sent intelligence reports to the Civil Contingencies Unit in the Cabinet Office."

I have my differences with George Galloway. But those who have seen the recent stories in the Daily Telegraph should remember some amazingly similar allegations that were directed against Arthur Scargill - and guess what? They were the product of plots involving the security services. We now know that these shadowy state groups were involved in having civilians assassinated in Northern Ireland - a stitch up like this would be child's play.

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