:: Monday, April 14, 2003 ::

Second Vote at the Scottish Elections

This has been set up by the Greens to boost their 2nd vote in the Scottish Parliamentary elections. It explains the voting system (the Additional Member System), which means in most areas a vote for Labour or the SNP is a wasted vote.

In Lothians the 2nd vote should be very interesting. At the last election the Greens, lib-dems, SNP and tories all benefited, with the lib-dems calling a recount to try to push out the Greens.

This time the additional complications are the SSP who are polling strongly in Lothians and are definitely in the running for a list place. Also we have Margo McDonald (who I would hyperlink, but her website seems to be down with hideous Apache server errors), ex-SNP maverick running her own campaign on the list. Whether she just takes votes from the SNP or damages others is not too clear. My prediction is that she won't get in and that the SSP will gain a seat in Lothians, whilst the Greens will retain Robin Harper.

A vote for the SSP is of course, never a wasted vote. Second vote Red!

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