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Forbes.com: Crash and Opportunity

"What about all those antiwar protests? They sure get a lot of television play. On Mar. 29 I saw the biggest anti-American protest since San Francisco, in Edinburgh, Scotland--but it was all students and old 1960s socialists, openly organized by the Scottish Socialist Party. The Scots, for all that they are part of the British Isles, have less hostility to Americans than to the English. The two Uniteds are united. The unwilling are losing badly. The unwilling are unable. Disabled."

A weird comment from this bourgeois business magazine in an article reporting how pro-war nations are doing better in the capitalist markets. You mean the war wasn't about freedom and WMD's? It was about market share and boosting the petro-dollar against the petro-euro? Shockaroonie!

I should like to point out to the author that the protests in Edinburgh were not anti-American, I have spoken to dozens of anti-war USAnians in the capital over the last few months. Anti-war does not mean anti-American.

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