:: Thursday, March 13, 2003 ::

The Grauniad strikes again with a link to the SSP news blog.

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Another first (I believe) - a blog from a UK political party; albeit the Scottish Socialists, who currently only have one elected member, Tommy Sheridan, in the Scottish parliament. Although all that may change with the elections on May 1 2003, this site is a distinct entity from the SSP's official site at www.scottishsocialistparty.org, and is a genuine, if slightly anonymous, blog. Undeniably right-on, it is a bit of a one man show ("Rock On, Tommy" would sum it up), and reliance on press releases and links to positive coverage in the mainstream, it smacks a little of preaching to the converted, rather than the personal idiosyncracies that make a blog, whether politically palatable or not, so readable. Still, it's designed with the disabled in mind, and it is the first of its kind.

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