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Government to get tough over Web accessibility

"The Government is preparing to launch the UK's first legal crackdown on companies that fail to make their Web sites accessible to blind or partially-sighted Internet users."

The article above sets laudibly high standards for web-site accessibility. It continues "The DRC made it clear last year that the Disability Discrimination Act does indeed apply to Web sites."

So just out of interest I ran the Scottish Labour website through a few tests. The results were interesting.

1. It fails to meet even the lowest standard of disabled access for websites (Bobby A rating.)

2. It is created with Microsoft Frontpage.

as a consequence it is rife with bloated, ugly, invalid code.

3. The site also mentions socialism in its keyword metatags, which is misleading, but nothing to do with accessibility.

Both this site, the SSP website and SSP News validate with Bobby.

I will be being beastly to the websites of Scotland's other political parties in the next few weeks.

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